What is a Virtual Assistant?

Since I have launched my Virtual Assistant business, lots of people have asked me questions such as ‘what is a virtual assistant?’ and ‘how does it work?’. In this blog I answer all the questions you may have about working with a Virtual Assistant.

 What is a Virtual Assistant? 

A VA is someone who provides  business with admin, customer service, business, social media support to businesses. They work on a self employed basis and generally work from a home office.

How Does it work?

The million dollar question, and it generally depends on what you need. Much of the support that businesses need involves the internet – monitoring emails, booking appointments, chasing invoices, placing orders, managing social media accounts, writing blogs or newsletters, sharing documents for proofreading….the list is endless. All of these things can be done on your behalf quite easily by a VA.

Why would I hire a VA?

Businesses need the services of a VA when they simply can’t keep up with the admin on top of the ‘day job’. When, after a long busy day, you come home and instead of relaxing with family or friends you find yourself in-front of a screen ‘catching up’. When you have a wish list of things you would like to do to grow your business but simply don’t have time. Stop and think about how much of this ‘extra’ stuff that you do actually needs to be done by you…….the day job does, growing the business does, the admin doesn’t! The beauty of using a VA instead of an employed admin assistant is that a VA is self employed – so for a small / medium business the burden of tax, NI, holiday pay, sick pay, pension etc is taken on by the VA and not your business. Also, VAs work by the hour so if you only need 4 hours a month you only pay for 4 hours per month!

What if i don’t want to share my account details?

This is completely understandable, and if I’m honest something that I probably wouldn’t be comfortable with doing myself. It can be quite easily overcome however by using software that gives another person access to your email accounts / social media accounts (basically anything that requires a username and or password) without having to share your log in details.

How do I know how long you have taken to complete a task?

Good question, and one that is important to me. As VA’s charge by the hour, clients HAVE to be certain that they are being charged correctly and fairly. I use a time tracking software that allows me to ‘clock in’ and then ‘clock out’ everytime I work on a clients task. I can also include descriptions for each task so as the client, you can see exactly what I am working on and how long it is taking.

How will you respond to my customer queries?

When monitoring a clients inbox and replying to their customers it is important that I know what I am talking about! As part of the onboarding process, we will cover everything that I am required to know about a clients business. Communication between VA and client is crucial and I would always go back to a client to query something if I wasn’t 100% sure on an answer.

Who has any other questions that aren’t covered in this blog? Have I answered everything? Interested to learn more? Contact me for more information!

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