Why investing in your business will be the best decision you make today

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Hi All!

So I’ve been a little longer writing my second blog post than I had hoped to be, but for a very good reason – I have been busily studying away and have now completed my VA course and have officially graduated!

Choosing to train with Amanda at the Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company is the best investment I could have made for my business. When I started researching into the VA world I thought I knew how I wanted to shape my business and how I would run it. This has changed completely since completing my course. Not only have my plans changed, but I feel like as a person I have grown and learnt so much about myself. I am much more focused on my business and on the clients I want to work with to help them focus on their businesses. I have learnt so much over the last 4 months, its amazing how much you don’t know you don’t know!!!! With all the skills and tools that Amanda has given me the world of LM-VA is now going to be even better than I could have hoped it would be!

If anyone is considering becoming a VA I can’t recommend getting in contact with Amanda enough. Amanda runs a number of courses and offers some brilliant freebies if you are still researching (including a free discovery call).

If you are a small or medium business struggling with your admin and want to put my new found skills and VA graduation status to the test then get in touch to learn about the support I can give you.

Thanks for reading!



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