A new start…………..

Some of you may have noticed that I have been quiet on my social media and blog post. This blog tells you why and how that is all about to change!

Those of you who saw my ‘Spotlight on Business Interview’ with the amazing Laura Jane Griffiths will know that I trained and set my VA business up whilst still working part time. My goal was to be able to develop my business to the point that I would be able to leave my employed role, and I am so so happy to report that, about a month before the schools holidays started, I did just that!

Luckily, I had that month before my children broke up for the summer to find my feet and establish good working relationships with my new clients. Even though it was challenging at times, it was so lovely to be able to spend the whole summer at home with my children. We managed to have some lovely days / half days out and about and I kept up with all my clients expectations and deadlines so overall my first summer holiday as a self employed VA was a successful one!

However, working early mornings, late nights and looking after the children during the day meant that my website and social media platforms have unfortunately taken a back seat. So I felt like I needed to write this blog to say ‘Hi – I’m back and raring to go’ now we have hit September and the children are nicely settled back into school routines.

I’ve started reflecting on the last 7 weeks, thinking about things that went well and things that I may do differently next time we have a school holiday. I think planning and time management are going to be my biggest lessons to ensure that my own business doesn’t suffer whilst I am supporting clients with theirs. I’ll share my lessons in my next blog post next week!

Get ready for more blogs and more interaction and content on social media!

Thanks for reading.


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